Trailblazing Research for Childhood Cancer

Founded in 2018, our mission is to advance research, provide support programs, and raise awareness for childhood cancer.

From a research perspective the Sam Day Foundation has given an incredible amount of money to really critical research projects and these projects over time are going to bring medicines to the patient bedside and improve our cure rates. Without that funding, the projects don’t happen, and the research isn’t there.

Dr. Katrina Winsnes, M.D. M.C.R.

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Advancing Scientific Discovery

Research That Makes a Difference

The Sam Day Foundation invests in crucial medical and nutritional research targeting rare cancers affecting children, adolescents, and young adults, with a special focus on sarcomas and brain tumors, aiming to discover groundbreaking treatments.

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Healing, Support, and Care

Wellness for Families and Patients

Offering a comprehensive overview of the programs and resources available to support the physical, emotional, and social wellness of families and patients. From counseling services to wellness retreats, see how we're enriching lives.

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Empowering Survivors

Scholarships for Brighter Futures

The foundation also offers scholarships to Sunset High School students in Beaverton, Oregon, who have faced chronic illnesses or physical disabilities, honoring their resilience and determination to lead fulfilling lives despite their adversities.

Patient and Family Resources

Find answers to common questions about navigating oncology care.

Wellness Newsletter

Surviving childhood cancer is one thing, but finding a way to live well during and after treatment is also very important. At SDF we are wholeheartedly dedicated to helping kids live long, healthy lives. Our Wellness Newsletter is rooted in journalism and research with information on emotional health, nutrition, wellness, grief, hope and a few stories from someone who understands. The newsletter is intended to be for kids with any type of cancer, but even adults with cancer or kids with other diseases may also benefit.

Wellness Boxes

Wellness boxes are available to cancer patients aged 25 and under in the Pacific Northwest, which includes Washington, Oregon, Northern California and Idaho. These boxes are specifically designed for those currently undergoing treatment for sarcoma or brain cancers. Inside the wellness boxes you can find a variety of Items such as Amazon gift cards,
comforting fidget toys, quality drink ware, games, and a few good snacks. Boxes are filled with different items for younger children than for adolescents and young adults.

Additional Resources

Financial Assistance:

Nutrition Guidance

Tissue Donation

By contributing your tumor tissue through a surgery, biopsy, or fluid drain you make it possible for researchers to make a working copy of your

cancer type that will continually grow in a laboratory.


  • The Anatomy of Hope: How People Prevail in the Face of Illness

Amputee Resources


Generous Partners Contributing $5,000 Annually to Our Cause

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Join Our Cause

Make a Difference Today

Your support fuels groundbreaking research and life-enhancing programs for children facing cancer. Whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading the word, your contribution makes a real impact. Become a part of our community committed to turning hope into action for kids with cancer and their families.