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Advancing Research and Igniting Hope for Childhood Cancer

Fueled by a mission-driven and unwavering dedication, we are pursuing less toxic and more curative solutions for children and young adults facing the most destructive cancers; sarcoma and brain tumors.

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Investing in Children's Cancer Research and Wellness

What started as a proactive effort to save Sam and other young people battling Ewing Sarcoma, has grown into a strong, compassionate community advocating for young people fighting the forgotten cancers.


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We Exist Because Childhood Cancer is a Problem

More kids die of cancer than any other disease in the United States. Out of those who survive, as much as 95% of them will have lifelong health issues caused by the toxic treatments they received. Yet, childhood cancer gets only 4% of the research budget from the National Cancer Institute. Progress is slow, and decades behind what we see in adult cancers.

Sam received five types of chemotherapy at the age of nine. The newest was developed in 1983, and the oldest in 1959. These drugs were administered at very high doses for two to five days at a time while he stayed in the hospital. Still, it wasn’t enough to save him.

It’s time for a change, so kids like Sam survive and live well.

Give Every Kid the Fullest Potential for Life After Cancer

Forgotten and destructive cancers are our focus and we believe every kid should know that someone is working on giving them a better pathway back to health. We’re advancing research on childhood sarcomas and brain tumors with the best potential to transform treatment and radically improve outcomes.

Our rigorous grant selection process, led by leaders in the field, ensures we back well-designed and fiscally responsible projects. We fund researchers who are committed to changing the story for young people with cancer.

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Influence Lives With Immediate Comfort and Long-Term Guidance

We believe kids with cancer will have a better quality of life if wellness is a part of the plan. Our touch of support extends beyond clinical settings, empowering families with knowledge and resources specific to the complicated needs of kids with cancer. We offer gifts of comfort and easy information focused on nutritional, mental, and emotional well-being.

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One Day We’ll Discover a More Humane Way to Treat Kids With Cancer

SDF thrives on the energy and intention of a hopeful community. Every event, every campaign, every small gathering strengthens our collective voice. Together we can and will create a better future for kids with cancer.

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Get Involved and Make a Difference Today

Become a vital part of a network that empowers, educates, and supports. Engage with a community dedicated to making a real difference in the fight against childhood cancer.

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Advancing Research, Igniting Hope

Kids fighting cancer have a scary and unknown road ahead of them. When you give a gift today, you advance childhood cancer research so that kids can survive and live well.

Become a Monthly Donor

Your monthly support can be a beacon of hope: Help us advance childhood cancer research and bring brighter futures to young lives.