$63,500 to a Seattle Children’s Hospital Zebrafish Study

Published on
Apr 13, 2023
$63,500 to a Seattle Children’s Hospital Zebrafish Study

The sarcoma research team at Seattle Children’s Hospital has partnered with another researcher who specializes in heart disorders in children. Dr. Lisa Maves’ expertise, alongside the cancer biology knowledge of Dr. Beth Lawlor, will allow for a deep dive into the problem of the cardiotoxicity resulting from a particular chemotherapy used in Ewing sarcoma. Using zebrafish, she will explore whether an additional epigenetic drug might inhibit the damaging effects of the drug, Doxorubicin. Epigenetic-class drugs are among the most exciting and promising experimental anti-cancer agents to have emerged over the past ten years. The aim of this study is to identify new drugs that will block the cardiotoxic effects from one of the most devastating chemotherapies given to children with cancer. This would be a major advancement for cancer therapeutics, and this power team of researchers is eager to find a healthier solution for kids with cancer.


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